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Main Tenant Fees

The following describes all non-variable charges and common potential charges that may be implemented by Tyneside Lettings before, during and after a tenancy. Full details of potential deposit deductions and any other costs that could be incurred during or after a tenancy are explained in the terms and conditions of the relevant Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement (AST).

A copy of our standard terms can be made available to any potential tenant upon request.

Fee DescriptionFee Amount
A NON-REFUNDABLE fixed administration fee payable per tenant per fixed term tenancy. This fee must be paid by all tenants in order to fully secure a property, and WILL NOT be returned if the tenant(s) withdraw from an agreement at any stage. This fee is a one-off cost to cover all administration work carried out on behalf of the tenants before and during their tenancy. This includes but is not limited to; drawing up tenancy paperwork and conducting reference checks and/or Guarantor paperwork for each tenant, providing information and copies of all documentation to tenants and Guarantors and answering any and all queries throughout the process, sending reminder and information emails to tenants and Guarantors before and during the tenancy, providing appropriate details to utility suppliers and local authorities before, during and after the tenancy.£150.00
Non-completion of paperwork (after 15 working days following the date of signing any AST)£20.00 per week
Late payment of rent for whatever reason£50.00
Late payment of any utilities charges for whatever reason£25.00
Time dependant attendance at property due to the actions of any tenantVariable - £100.00 maximum
Supply of any additional keyVariable - £40.00 maximum
Early termination of any pre-agreed transfer or assignment of a tenancy by a vacating tenant£100.00
Administration fee for any pre-agreed transfer or assignment of a tenancy by a new tenant£100.00
International bank transfer, per occasion£30.00
Full check-out by an independant inspector (at tenants' request only)£90.00, plus £10.00 per bedroom if property exceeds 5 bedrooms
Organisation of any repairs or works at a property due to the actions of any tenant20% of total value of repair or works

Charges will not exceed those stated, but all charges are subject to discounts or exemptions at our discretion.

Charges may also be incurred if the actions of any tenants results in:

  • The security of the property being compromised
  • The installation of a pre-payment meter or disconnection of a service
  • Any damage or want of repair to parts of the property or contents for which the tenants are responsible
  • The need for professional cleaners to attend the property due to a substandard level of cleanliness